Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to RealiTEA

So most people tend to indulge the most in the winter and around the holidays. This is probably because bikini season seems very far away and apple pie is available in abundance. For me, it seems to be quite the opposite.

In the summer, I have time off from work. I often spend my weekends visiting family and friends or just hang around the apartment where snacks are at my disposal all day long. I also stay up way too late and sleep in. Self-discipline is not a part of my summer schedule ; )

This week marks my return to the regular year and the end of a season of over-indulgence. Don't get me wrong, a little indulgence is a necessary part of everyday, but now that summer is officially over, it is time to get back into my routine...

I am excited though because with the return to routine, I have rediscovered a little pleasure that I had been neglecting... TEA! During the school year I tend to drink it all day long but this summer, I barely touched a cup. I am excited to get back into my herbal habit ; )

Because of this, many of the meals featured on today's post were accompanied by various types of different herbal favorites...
Oatmeal with chopped apples, pumpkin pie spice, apple butter and almond butter glob I picked up this almond butter at WF a few days ago and it is delicious (jar 14 anyone?)

Leftover pineapple/bacon tempeh pizza for lunch

Snack was the ONLY veggie left in my fridge. Carrots are probably my least favorite but my CSA delivery was supposed to arrive Tuesday and it was MIA. If it doesn't come tomorrow I may starve...

Because of the aforementioned veggie shortage, Patrick took me out to dinner at a nearby bar and grill. Our appetizer, the pesto flatbread, was very tasty!

Amazing veggie burger made with lentils and brown rice for dinner- I could not eat the bun after all that flatbread so I made my meal into a veggie burger salad.

Stopped by a local market on the way home for some new herbal tea flavors. I'm excited to try these in the morning! Do any of you have favorite flavors I should try??


  1. I am currently drinking and LOVE Guayaki yerba mate organic Mate Chocolatte tea! I also love Ginger yogi tea.

    ps are you coming to homecoming? I miss you!

  2. Chocolate Tea??? I'm sold!

    I think we are but I want to make sure everyone is actually going and there is a concrete plan before Pat and I book a hotel and drive up.

    Hmmm... I'm already starting to think about what to make for the tailgate ; )

  3. I do not think you shop at Shaw's but they have their organic brand, Wild Harvest, and they make a good white pomegranate tea.

  4. I prefer a nice green tea. Good and good for you. Also works very well if trying to find an alternative for dessert.