Monday, September 13, 2010

The Mystery Mushroom

Although the name of this post might have brought back memories of a psychedelic college experience, I am not referring to THAT type of mystery. Keep reading for details...

For breakfast this morning I decided to go back to some smoothie action. I figured a light breakfast would be best to counteract the effects of bagelfest 2010. It was the perfect way to start a Monday morning (Ugh. Who am I kidding? Is there really any good way to start a Monday morning?). Today's smoothie flavor = strawberry, mango, pineapple with vanilla brown rice protein powder.

When lunch time rolled around I whipped out some leftover Indian food. Unfortunately I do not have a picture, but I do have a good excuse...

Today at lunch I held my first session of "girl's group." I will be meeting once a week with a small group of amazing young middle school ladies to discuss the issues that affect their lives and try to empower them to become leaders in our community. Whenever I have a chance to hang out with my students in this type of setting, I am reminded of how strong they truly are. Today, we talked about our likes and dislikes (reality tv may have been mentioned), as well as some more serious topics. I was saddened by their feelings about their bodies and their appearances. Having once struggled with many of the same issues myself, it is difficult to watch these girls talk about how "they wish they were thinner" or they sometimes "hate the way the look." They are all so beautiful! What are we doing to them?? I hope that through this group we can explore topics such as healthy living and positive body image. Maybe something will slowly begin to change...

Anyway, no lunch pics but a very wonderful lunch experience with some really good company : )

When I got home from work I tried out a Jackie Werner On Demand workout (I have had ENOUGH of that Jillian Michaels). After my workout I decided to get creative with dinner and use up some of the produce in my fridge (including the aforementioned Mystery Mushroom).
Bok Choy

Debbie (my mother-in-law) and I bought these interesting looking mushrooms when I was in Virginia a few weeks ago. I have been trying to figure out a cool way to try them out. I thought Thai Spring Rolls would be the perfect solution...

Chopped veggies pre-wrapping
Bok Choy, Enoki, Zucchini, Carrots and Avocado

The Wraps


Thai spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce
Coconut brown rice with curried tempeh

I was loving the grilled tempeh!

Ok, well now that Mystery Mushroom Monday is officially over, I am ready for some serious sleeping -but not before a small cup of vegan chocolate chips... they may have only been Enoki mushrooms but I still have the munchies : )


  1. Awesome....and I noticed that you actually used carrots in your spring rolls. I so agree with you and what you wrote about the beautiful young girls who don't realize how beautiful they are....You're a great role model for them. You can show them that healthy eating is NOT the same as starving, and that taking care of themselves physically and emotionally has nothing to do with how "skinny" they are....Love you!!

  2. I did use carrots in my spring rolls. Raw carrots I like. Cooked carrots... bleh!

    Thanks for the encouraging words : )

  3. I am so glad that Julia turned me on to your blog! I love hearing about what you're eating even though I'm not ready to make that leap yet. It is definitely expanding my horizons, thank you! With todays post I am even more intrigued about your girls group. Is it open to all female students or simply one grade so that the group is small and intimate? Do other teachers in your school do the same thing so that you can reach more students? Do the students self select to attend? It truly makes me miss being in the classroom even more.

  4. Did you know that November is Vegan Awareness Month??? It's official too, because I discovered this bit of information in Library Journal

  5. Hi Lacey! Welcome to Veggies and Beanz. Thanks for reading : )

    The girl's group at my school is for our whole grade but every teacher runs one so we have small groups of 8. The smaller groups really help the conversations feel private and comfortable. I am loving it so far. Did you used to teach??

  6. I did not know it was Vegan Awareness Month! Is there an article you can send me? Would love to read it!

  7. I did teach, 8th-12th grade students of social studies for two years. Then I moved into the consulting business where Julia was at but I truly miss teaching. Here's my blog, I mentioned your Girls Group because it's so awesome!