Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beet It!

Today I left work early for a doctor's appointment- I had to have some tests done. Though everything turned out COMPLETELY fine (no worries)... I had a nervous stomach all day in anticipation so I didn't eat anything worth posting.

Do you eat when you're nervous? If so, what?? I usually want baked goods or something else equally sweet and carb filled. If that is not available, I can't stomach much else when I have the butterflies. I think baked good are only an exception because I could propbably manage to choke those down no matter what. Stomach flu? Carrot cake? No problem!

Anyway, once I found out everything was ok, I was in a cooking mood and my tummy began to rumble again. When I got home I decided to try something with the beets from my CSA delivery.

Afternoon Snack= Sweet Beet Salad

4-5 beets
2 green apples
olive oil

1. Cut roots from beets and clean thoroughly. Do not peel. Cut into quarters.
2. Toss beets in olive oil and cook for 35 minutes at 350.
3. Chop apples. Toss apples with dijon mustard.
4. Chop cooked beets and add to apples. Mix together.

I love the way the beets make everything turn pink- including my hands after preparing this : \

The result was an amazing blend of sweet and tart flavors. I already have a 2nd helping packed for lunch tomorrow!

To celebrate my successful appointment, Pat and I are ordering from a new restaurant that takes a modern approach to Soul Food. They also have some vegan and vegetarian options. Soul food for Beanz?? Soooo excited.
I am getting the pumpkin risotto with collard greens and spinach. Pat ordered fried chicken and whipped sweet potatoes. I can hardly wait! I have a feeling I will be in a mild food coma after this meal so I thought I'd post now. Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!
If you haven't taken a moment to celebrate your health today make sure you do- a special treat may even be in order- you're worth it : )


  1. Ok, I will celebrate my health, but only after I finish doing the HAPPY DANCE about yours!!! So glad that all is well....I wasn't going to worry (ok, no more than the usual Mom level)...but that didn't work, so well...Anyway, life is GOOD!!!!!
    Keep eating all that healthy stuff. Love you and miss you....by the way, Beets and apples??? I would never have thought of it, but I love them both so I may just give this a try.

  2. Yay!!!!!

    I tried you lunch from the other week, the whole wheat wrap, figs, pears, and almond butter, very yummy. You got me addicted to figs.

  3. Also, I made the Indian dishes we madewhen i visited. I altered them a little again but they were good. I made them a little more mild. The eggplant one you posted was delicious. I made the spinach and chickpea one too but completely made it up since we kinda did to begin with and then you couldn't post the recipe because we had forgotten what we did so I reinvented it and it turned out good too. Ate it for leftovers tonight actually.

  4. I am out of figs : (

    All I have is stupid dates left. I'm bored with those.

  5. Thanks for always worrying about me mom : ) Let me know if you like the beets...