Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

One simple rule I have about healthy eating is to try to eat as many different colors as I can in a day. It is a really fun way to make sure I am eating a balanced diet without counting calories or servings or using some other crazy, complicated accountability system (life is difficult enough). Plus, I love trying to make my plate look like a box of crayons : )

Today was a busy day at work- someone had a meltdown that I had to deal with at lunch. Ugh. One of those days. So, while I don't have many daytime photos to share, I hope you'll be excited as I was about my dinner!


Sliced thin for optimal roasting- thanks for the advice Kristen!
Can you believe the color on these babies??

Brussel Sprouts- tonight's preparation made me like them just a little bit more ; )

Purple potatoes roasted with olive oil and sea salt
Brussel Sprouts with Earth Balance and thyme

Just like a painting...
Is there such thing as a food museum???

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