Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soul Food

I am going to head to bed early tonight. After our Soul Food dinner last night (pictures below) I stayed up much later than my usual bedtime. As a result, I felt kind of run down and sleepy all day. But let me tell you... the food last night was well worth it. I ate the leftovers for dinner tonight ; )
I was down to the last few bites of my almond butter this morning which was sad but an almost finished nut butter = BREAKFAST IN A JAR! I am sure I have raved about this before but eating cereal or oatmeal from a near empty almond/peanut butter jar is amazing. You get some of the flavor in every bite. Yummm.

Lunch was some Sweet Beet Salad and some leftover vegan pizza. I ate it while walking around the cafeteria on lunch duty : \

Can you truly engage in "mindful eating" when you are busy telling middle schoolers "not to pour milk and skittles into their ziti and dare someone else to eat it?" I think not...

Though these dinner pictures are from last night, I didn't get a chance to share them with you then. Plus, tonight was only leftovers of this same meal anyway.
Pat's plate = corn bread, spinach, whipped sweet potatoes, pumpkin risotto and buttermilk fried chicken

Vegan soul food = pumpkin risotto and greens : )

Just as good the second time around ; )


  1. Tonight I went to dinner with the "Birthday Girls" and had roasted acorn squash stuffed with vegetable risotto...It was AMAZING!!!!