Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game Time!

So I have to admit, I have never been a football fan. For that matter, I have never been much of a sports fan in general. When I was little, my life was filled with ballet shoes and tutus. You couldn’t have gotten me within two feet of a T-ball or soccer field even if you dragged me by my glitter covered princess tiara (Yes I did wear one of these for a recital once in addition to countless other overpriced costume pieces- thanks mom)

Despite this fact, I have somehow always been involved with sports in some way. My dad loved baseball, basketball & football so my weekend afternoons were very often spent on the couch enjoying some Indian “Hot Mix”(the snack of choice) and a Celtics/Red Sox/Patriots game. As I got older, and began dating, I developed a new appreciation for sports (or perhaps more accurately, the athletes that played them- sorry Patrick). Back then, you could often find me at a Friday night football game. I couldn’t tell you what the score was but I did know that those boys looked very good in their football pants...

When I met Pat, I spent even more time at sporting events. Although I began to be able to follow the games a little better, I was still much more concerned with the cute pitcher I was dating then what inning it was or how many outs there were ; )

Now, I still love game days. I never actually watch the game mind you, but I love making fun, yummy, finger food and curling up on the couch to enjoy some down time. So when Patrick told me that the Giants were playing at 1 today, I got cooking. So what if I read a magazine during 3 out of 4 quarters and didn’t even know who they were playing- I cooked up some great chili nachos and pablano poppers ; )

Apparently it was not a good game for the Giants...

Corn chips with veggie chili and daiya/rice cheese


  1. YUM! I want you to prepare some of these yummy treats for the BC tailgates!!

  2. You could have at least waited to take a picture of the game until the Giants weren't losing. At least the food was good.

  3. The poppers were yummy! BC tailgate sounds like the perfect opportunity for some good eats. Have you tried eggplant burgers??

  4. Sorry babe. Don't think the Giants had many shining moments during that game though...