Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So as you know, I have spent the past few days doing a lot of relaxing during our Virginia mini-vacation. As a result, I finally had the opportunity to read through the backlog of magazines I had accrued. These included all of my favorites, Whole Living,Shape, Fitness and Health.

However, by Tuesday morning, I had run out of reading material and unfortunately had neglected to bring a good book down with me. So, when Pat and I headed out to the pool yesterday morning before getting on the road, I decided to peruse one of his choices Men's Health. In addition to finding out tips for how to "unlock the female libido" and make a good grill rub, I did read some pretty good articles about topics that often get shortchanged in women's magazines. For example, they had articles about lifting and overcoming plateaus in the gym... very helpful. Amidst all these tips though, I discovered some shockingly misguided information.

One page which claimed to tote expert advice stated that a low carb and high fat diet of beef helped him to fight flab. Though I don't expect everyone in the world to adhere to my diet, I do have a problem with people advertising a high beef diet as a "healthy lifetsyle." This was not the worst of it though, on the Nutrition page there was a blurb titled "Don't Fear Meat" which encouraged readers to eat beef, lamb and pork without worrying about disease risk. Directly above this blurb was a statistic stating that 56% of meat packing facilities have not been inspected in the past 5 or more years. WTF??

I actually do think Men's Health and Women's Health are pretty good magazines but this just served as a reminder that any information we read in magazines or newspapers or see on tv should not supersede our own basic knowledge of nutrition and common sense.

After reading up poolside, Pat and I had some leftover Mellow Mushroom and then got on the road back to Jerz. We were sad to go. Family visits are never long enough for us but I guess that makes us pretty lucky.

Anyway, on the way home, I made some misguided decisions of my own. We left Virginia later than expected which meant we were stuck finding dinner on the road. This situation is certainly not ideal when you are a vegan driving through middle of nowhere West Virginia. I got really excited when I searched for a Whole Foods in the GPS and discovered that there was one located on our route right over the border of Pennsylvania. Score! I immediately started chatting about what I would get from the hot bar when we arrived.

When we got off the exit, things did not look promising. Pat didn't say a word as we followed the GPS nearly 3 miles off the exit to arrive outside a store adorned with the following sign:

Oops. No hot bar here. Stupid GPS. At this point we were starving and had already added 15 minutes to our travel time.

We decided to take a risk and try a local Thai place. It seemed like the most likely option for satisfying both Patrick and myself in a hurry- hmmm that sentence sounded remarkably like some tips I read in Men's Health ; )

Veggie Spring Roll

Rad-Na Wild Rice Noodles with Steamed Veggies
The food did not compare to my own Thai Coconut Curry Rice Bowls but it was probably better than anything we could have gotten via drive through window.

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