Thursday, August 26, 2010


When my middle school students are unprepared for class, they receive a deduction on their progress reports. When a prospective employee is unprepared for an interview, they don’t get the job. When a lawyer is unprepared for court he loses his case. Well, today I found out what happens to an unprepared vegan and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty folks…

The day started out well. I had prepared my lunch the night before and even set out the fixings for a pumpkin pie breakfast smoothie. BTW, I am loving this pumpkin pie hummus in a big way. I don’t think I’m quite ready to leave my Dark Chocolate lover for it but am certainly contemplating a casual affair ; ) I snacked throughout the day on fresh fruits and veggies from my CSA bag.

For lunch I enjoyed a pita pocket stuffed with sliced heirloom tomatoes, mixed greens and falafel. I think I am in love with falafel by the way… I know it is probably old news to most vegans but I have only recently discovered it and it is GOOD!

After the regular workday, the teachers on my grade-level had planned an evening meeting for team building and school year prep. I knew we would be working late and ordering food but I had not done my homework… I was UNPREPARED. Usually, if I know I won’t be home for dinner I plan ahead and bring a vegan-friendly snack or some leftovers in case there are no options for me on the menu. Not this time.
I ended up ordering a side salad and french fries. The side salad was a poor excuse for a meal so I ended up going a little heavy on the fries. Soon after, I discovered the consequences for being an unprepared vegan…

a colossal stomach ache. Ugh. I would have rather had a deduction on my progress report!

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