Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I spend a great deal of time thinking about expectations- what I expect from my students, my husband, my family, my friends, my body… I have come to the conclusion that I expect a lot.

Anyway, I am feeling a little blah today because it was one of those days when nothing seemed to meet my high expectations. Some days life just frustrates you and it is best to go to bed and start fresh in the morning. Before I do that though, here are today’s eats...

This warm, sunny Tuesday (aka stifling, fire burning, sweat inducing Tuesday for those of us who spend our days in an un-air-conditioned classroom) began with a hot breakfast. I know. What was I thinking? But it is never too hot for oats and berries.

Lunch was some leftover Thai rice bowl with cherry tomatoes on the side.

Tonight I was unexpectedly on my own for dinner. Pat and I had made plans to go out but there was a change of plans so I cooked up some soup and a special grilled cheese. Less than 10 minute prep required!

I like to throw some extra greens into these veggie soups to beef up the nutritional value and make them a little more filling.

Most amazing grilled cheese ever = Red pepper hummus and Daiya cheese

I apologize if today’s post does not meet your expectations. I expect that tomorrow will be better… but we know how that sometimes goes…

I am off to go enjoy the company of a good book. Things always seem better after some relaxing reading time (and some chocolate peanut butter soft serve of course- recipe to come).


  1. hey! I like the super-easy ideas too! I never thought of adding greens to soup...or hummus to grilled cheese! thanks. :)

  2. I'm all about the super-easy ideas! Very necessary during the work week : )