Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Date Night

When I say Date Night, I am actually not referring to the movie above (which by the way I found sorely disappointing- except for the scene with the mouthpiece- that was hysterical). Otherwise, definitely a movie that did not meet my expectations. I am in fact referring to the email Pat sent me today around noon saying that he’d like to take me out for sushi. Hurray!

I didn’t really feel like cooking tonight anyway. There. I said it.

Sushi was one of my favorites before going vegan and I was a little bit wary of having to give it up. However, I’ve since learned that there are ways to enjoy sushi and other Asian choices “vegan-style.”

We often go to this place nearby called Wild Fusion. The food is pretty good but the real appeal is in the take-out. Literally, you hang up the phone and the food arrives within 5 minutes. Makes me question the freshness of what they bring me but when you get home from work at 9:30 and haven’t eaten lunch since 12, you sometimes just don’t care...

Anyway, I digress. So after all the cooking I’ve been doing lately I was pretty psyched to get out of the kitchen and get a menu in my hands. My go-to choice is usually the veggie hand rolls with brown rice OR sometimes I select from the vegetarian Chinese food side of the menu (the beauty of fusion people).

Tonight was...

Veggie Spring Roll for Two

Buddha's Delight with Brown Rice

Snow peas, Green Beans & Broccoli

Pat was hungry for more than just Budha's Delight. He was aiming for a Budha Belly!

The best part about going out to eat is that it means two meals with NO cook time (aka doggie bag lunch).

So the date night was a successful one (even one day later than expected). Now if you'll excuse me I have no kitchen to clean, no dishes to wash, and no lunches to pack...

I feel like I already got lucky and date night isn't even over yet ; )

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  1. I want a date night with Sarina because I love her.