Monday, August 2, 2010

On-The-Go Vegan

Today was a busy day. I flew to Las Vegas for the KIPP School Summit this week and spent most of the day traveling. Unfortunately, I was in a plane for most of the day so don't have many meals or recipes to share. In fact, when I'm traveling, I like to plan ahead by packing lots of small healthy snacks. I don't eat big meals while flying because I feel a little icky (plus it is way more fun to graze for the entire plane ride while reading trashy magazines).

So for today's post, I thought I'd share some of my favorite on-the-go snacks...

These bars come in yummy flavors like peanut butter cookie and coconut cream pie but the ingredients labels contain basically only dried fruit and nuts. Like magic, I swear! Watch the portion size with these babies though. A regular sized Larabar can be a hefty snack at over 200 calories. If you just need a sweet treat, try one of the mini-sized bars. If you're hungry, unwrap a full size and enjoy!
I keep a couple packets of this travel sized peanut butter (yes, I carry peanut butter in my pockets) on hand for a quick vegan meal in a pinch. If there are no healthy options available at an airport or rest stop I can slather some of this deliciousness on some wheat bread or crackers for a protein-packed mini-meal.

There is a reason my blog is called Veggies and Beanz. Beans don't travel so well on the go but some cut up veggies are a typical go to snack when I'm well, on the go... Today was some snow peas, zucchini, and the last of the string beans.
I was crunching shamefully on the plane...

Another favorite? Dried fruit. Watch portion sizes with this stuff too. It is easy to consume a whole bag of this stuff without thinking but you have to remember that it comes from WHOLE FRUIT. Unless you wanted a bad stomach ache, you wouldn't eat 12 apples in one sitting so don't think a bag of apple rings won't do the same! I like to portion out a few pieces with some nuts to take with me on trips.

Dry roasted almonds. Enough said.

After flying, meetings and mingling I am exhausted. I will try to post some of the conference eats tomorrow. I wonder if they will have banana oats and peanut butter at the breakfast buffet...
Hey, a girl can dream! ; )


  1. First I LOVE larabars! I usually eat about half of one for a breakfast on the go.

    Second I just bought the better'n peanut butter. Really impressed with it.

    Third where do you get that cinn. raisin peanut butter? It looks delicious!!!

  2. I'm so glad to hear you like the Better'n peanut butter. It is one of my favorites!

    The cinnamon raisin peanut butter is delicious (although I have to say it comes in second to the Dark Chocolate Dreams flavor). I know they sell Peanut Butter Co. products at Whole Foods but you can also order them online here:

    Happy peanut buttering : )