Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Slots and Scandal

Didn’t the name of today’s post get you excited? Well, I am in Vegas but unfortunately have not experienced any of the things above. In fact this week has thus far has been productive but not very Vegas-like. I have spent most of my time in meetings or planning for the upcoming school year.

I did however fit in a workout today. After lunch, I headed over to the hotel gym for my boredom buster workout:

5 minutes on the Treadmill at max exertion
5 minutes on the Stairmaster at max
5 minutes on the bike at max
5 minutes on elliptical at max

This cardio routine is the perfect solution for when I am bored with the gym or don’t feel like working out. Anyone can do ANYTHING for five minutes is what I tell myself.

I also made it outside for an hour today to soak up a little of the Vegas sun (Don’t worry, I brought my SPF!). I was reading guided reading books out by the pool and trying to ignore the people who stared at me pitifully as if to say, “Look at that poor adult woman reading a 3rd grade level book about barn animals.”

In addition to the sun and staring, I did actually experience some good food today. Sometimes, being vegan in situations like this can be difficult. You have little choice about the food being offered and no fridge or kitchen of your own to resort to if the options are limited. However, I did manage to find some yummy veggie/fruit based meals at the buffet table today....

Unfortunately, something tragic just happened. I went to upload the pics of my food and my camera showed the dreaded words "memory card error." I can't get ANY of my pictures! I am relieved that Pat and I went to have our honeymoon pics developed before I left for Vegas or those would be lost too. I am sad though. I even took some pics of the hotel and the strip to share with you : (

Anyway, here is a list of the day's meals minus the pics. I know it is not the same...

Berries and assorted fruit, Croissant and Justin’s PB packet
The croissant was most likely not vegan but they had no toast or bagels to offer and the hot breakfast was eggs and bacon. Did the best I could…

Salad with roasted vegetables and minestrone soup
Actually there is no soup in this picture, just an empty cup. I was so hungry I ate it before I remembered to take a picture. My apologies ; )

Pasta primavera (sans cheese)
*Some pastas are actually not vegan. They contain egg. When I make it at home I can easily check the ingredient list (plus wheat or veggie based noodles rarely have the added egg). Unfortunately, I am also not sure if this dish was completely vegan but again, tried my best...

Perhaps the title of this post should be changed to "Trying Isn't Good Enough!!" I'm frustrated about my camera and the fact that I didn't do so well with the vegan eating today. I didn't really notice until I posted that I may have slipped up twice. Grrrr...

Based on my luck so far today, I don't think tonight will be a good night to try out the slots : (


  1. Cheer up. Find some Super Jack Pot Party Slots, that will make you happy! Miss you.

  2. Yay Super Jack Pot Party! Not the same without my favorite partner in crime ; )

  3. Pat is the safest from the sun I know. He weather sunscreen, a shirt, a cowboy hat, and sunglasses. And thats inside!

  4. Haha he is pretty careful with the SPF. He is the one who made me start being more careful about it. Not everyone can tan like Keith : )