Friday, August 6, 2010

Jersey Bound

So today’s post will have to be a quick one since I will be spending most of the day traveling home from Vegas. It was a really good trip and got me pumped to get back into the classroom but I am ready to be back home. Before I go though, I actually have a few quick pictures to share of today’s food choices. My friend and fellow teacher, Kristen, let me use her camera today. Fresh fruit and granola
I know what you’re thinking… something is missing here.
Don’t worry, I added some PB right after the pic was snapped.
Vegan chocolate bar from hotel lobby shop
I had never tried this brand before but it was actually quite good. I’ll have to see if they sell it at WF.

Unfortunately I won’t be blogging from the plane and will be arriving home very late so lunch and dinner will have to remain a mystery. I think Pat and I are headed to the shore this weekend but I will be sure to post the beach-eats when I return.

Hurray for Fridays and homecomings!

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