Monday, August 23, 2010

The Adventurous Type?

After shopping at a new grocery store yesterday, I was very excited to try out some of my new snacking products. As a result, the day was full of eating adventures.

Outside of food choices, I am not sure if I would categorize myself as someone who loves adventures. I try to constantly push myself to try new things but I’ll admit there are times when I let hesitation and nerves get the best of me.

However, when it came to breakfast this morning, I had no hesitations about diving into my pumpkin pie dessert hummus. I tried a variation of a pumpkin pie smoothie from one of my favorite healthy living food blogs.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie:

2 ice cubes
1 tablespoon pumpkin pie dessert hummus
1 cup almond milk
½ banana
1 tablespoon organic vanilla brown rice protein powder

Another new thing I tried this morning was the Breville we received as a wedding present. Amazing! It barely broke a sweat as it blended the whole ice cubes into smoothie perfection.
For lunch, I had another new product to try. I made a wrap with a whole wheat tortilla, some veganaise, greens and some sliced falafel I picked up at Stew Leonard’s. It was delicious. See falafel below:

As a snack this afternoon, I had some sliced berries topped with Ola Vanilla Almond granola (also a Stewie’s purchase). A nice afternoon treat : )

After work, Pat and I met up with his good friend Kevin from high school and his girlfriend Meredith. We tried a place called Apiary in the city and enjoyed a delicious dinner and some BYO wine. I was a little self-conscious about snapping pictures of my food at the restaurant. I need to work on that...
The Apiary Dining Room
Anyway, I was really impressed with the food and how accommodating the restaurant was of my needs. There were no vegetarian choices on the menu but as soon as I mentioned to the waiter that I didn’t eat meat or diary, he said “I’ll take care of you.” Take care of me he did! I loved my noodles and veggies in white wine sauce. For dessert I had the sorbet trio. I could only have a few bites because I was full after the meal but it was the perfect sweet ending to an adventure filled day.

So yes, it was a successful day of new foods and new friends. We even made plans to go sky-diving in the future… I suppose time will tell if I am truly the adventurous type : \


  1. I told Al about pumpkin pie hummus--he wants to try it!! Did you like it?

  2. Sooo good! They also make other flavors like chocolate mousse. I haven't seen it anywhere except Stew Leonard's. Let me know if you find it : )

  3. Pumpkin Pie hummus!!! Sounds so yummy...I am jealous. Sky diving??? Not so jealous

  4. Pumpkin pie hummus- that sounds amazing. I need to get my hands on it. :)

    How did the smoothie turn out?

  5. It was really good but to be honest, not very different from just using regular pumpkin. Perhaps more protein though?