Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Boston Veg Fest!

So this past weekend I gave in to the intense feelings of homesickness that always seem to creep up around this time of year and made the trek up to New Hampshire. I'll admit, when Friday afternoon rolled around and the kiddos poured out of the school building, I almost collapsed. Getting in the car to travel for 4 hours hardly seemed appealing. However, I knew a cozy house, changing leaves, family and friends awaited on the other side. So, with pumpkin latte in hand, into the passenger seat I went- thanks for driving honey ; )

The trip was well worth it. Not only did I get to spend time with my family and TIA, the Boston vegetarian festival was also happening just a short drive away. A whole convention center filled with vegetarian goodies = one excited Beanz!

Ken and Tia sampling the toast with almond butter

We were very excited about the hummus table...


We were all cracking up about this T-Shirt. Especially because Patrick just happened to have a belly full of breakfast bacon...

Some people like 6 packs of beer. Others like 6 packs of peanut butter.... Yes, we bought the MONDO sized gift package. Gift? I think not. That's all mine baby!

My mom is turned around to listen to my inspirational speech on the joys of Dark Chocolate Dreams. She was convinced and purchases were made.


Apparently I was so excited I had some sort of seizure?

I recovered...

Mary's Gone Pretzels
I LOVE their crackers so when I saw they also make curried flavored pretzels I was very excited- Patrick had to mow over a line of hungry vegans to retrieve this sample for me. Seriously.
When we returned from the festival it was time for some Halloween Traditions. Let the Pumpkin carving BEGIN!

Notice the slight rash on the back of Bartholomew the pumpkin. Not sure what he picked up in the pumpkin patch but I hope they make some sort of cream for that... Now that's a way to scare the trick or treaters folks!

Don't look so shocked that I actually put my hands in the pumpkin goo...

Pumpkin goo is worth it if there is a promise of snacks in the future...

The final touches


Oooooh spooky.

Enough of the pumpkin bat with the rash. Where's the food?

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds = DELICIOUS Halloween movie treat
Scared Shrekless anyone?


  1. It was so much fun! I am bringing the Pumpkin hummus to work today to share with my co-worker who is a self described hummus addict. Is it wrong to feed her addiction??

    And as I recall Scared Shrekless WAS my choice but instead I gave up 90 minutes of my life to watch Paranormal Activities....apparently I love you more than even I thought possible.

    Great weekend to you and Pat

  2. I support hummus AND pumpkin addictions. They are too delicious to even try to rehab ; )