Monday, October 11, 2010

Traaaaaaadition. TRADITION!

Growing up, we had many family traditions around the holiday season. For Halloween we often hosted parties at the house complete with crazy costumes and yummy foods. The day after Halloween we decked the house out for Christmas while singing along to Dolly Parton and Kenny Roger's Holiday best (who says November 1st is too early?) On Christmas Eve, we saw a movie and went out for Chinese before heading to church. For 4th of July, we headed down to my uncle's house in VA where we would buy our own fireworks and put on a show in the driveway.

*The title of this post reflects one family tradition of ours that I have not yet mentioned. It may or may not involve an overplayed Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack.

Now that I am married, my family traditions have merged with Patrick's and we have started to develop our own hybrid from these memories. Here is a peek at some of our favorites from this weekend (thanks to both loving families for the inspiration).

1. Friday Taco Night (matched only by Friday Pizza Night)

2. Dinner and a movie (movie a la Netflix- dinner served at the coffee table)

This squash smelled so yummy it was hard not to just eat it by the spoonful right out of the oven : \

Creamy Cumin & Chili Squash Soup with Tomato-Basil-Kale Grilled Cheese

3. Pumpkin/Apple Picking
(followed by Hot Apple Cider and donuts of course!)

Uh-oh! I think one of those pumpkins went rotten ; )

These little ones were much more my style.

Our prized pumpkin. Patrick named him Bartholomew. Carving pictures to come (shhhh don't tell Barth).

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  1. Love the post! BARTHOLOMEW??I just want you to promise me that you wont let my wonderful son-in-law name your children!!